First blog post

Dear Friends

I am excited to start this blog on WordPress and I want to start writing my thoughts primarily for 3 things in future –

  1. Primarily we are researching content, tools, apps related to education for kids in the age group of 4-12 years, reason being we have 2 kids in this age group. We have started learning some fun ways to develop content and convert them into CD/multimedia almost 5 years back and now we have learnt and designed few apps for education.(
  2. Importance of Phonics, Maths and Science in the above age group and our thoughts about what we have learnt during these years of our kids growing and what they needed from education system or from us as parents.
  3. Since we are now convinced about interactive education based system, I plan to also cover some topics on basics of app development, tools, and essentially giving back to people who are looking to learn, some tips and tricks for app development in any category or platform.

I would love to hear back any comments and I feel excited like going back to school to pen down my thoughts and start over again.


-Amit Goel